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Hide my Root

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Want to limit who has root access on your phone/tablet?

Want to make it look as though your phone is not rooted?

Then Hide my Root is the app for you!

Hide my Root lets you temporarily hide the superuser binary and app so that no applications or users can get root access. You can even set a password so that only you can restore root access.

On some roms (usually rooted stock roms), Hide my Root will allow you to use Google Videos and similar apps on a rooted phone. On custom roms such as CyanogenMod, it will not allow you to use Google Videos and similar apps on a rooted phone.

How to use:

*(Optional) Set a password. You will be asked for this when you try to turn the password off or restore the superuser binary. The password will be stored safely so that even if the apps data is cleared, it will still be there.

*Hide the su binary. This will hide the superuser binary, so all requests for root access will fail until you restore it again.

*Uninstall the su app. This will uninstall the Superuser app. If you choose this option, you will have to regrant root access to all your apps after you restore it.

*Reinstall the su app. This will take you to Google Play to reinstall the Superuser app. This needs to be in place so that Hide my Root can get permission to restore the su binary properly.

*Restore the su binary. This puts the su binary back so that apps can get root access again. If you set a password, you will be asked for it when you try and do this.

The app needs root permission itself so that it can hide and restore the su binary and app, and can safely store your password.

Any problems, please email me:

This app is ad supported. There is an adfree version available for £0.99.



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